Sunday, October 3, 2010

Spending Money; Building Dreams

Okay, so maybe the heading is a little bit too inspired.

Basically, I just ordered some cards. Like... 50 of 'em, mostly full playsets of cheap commons.

For Kiln Fiend deck:
4 x Lightning Bolt
4 x Mana Leak
1 x Distortion Strike (brings me up to four, I think)

Because cheap, effective removal rocks and cheap, awesome counters are awesome. Also, Unblockable Kiln Fiend for the win.

For an Elf Deck I want to make:
4 x Llanowar Elves
4 x Khalni Heart Expedition
4 x Nissa's Chosen
4 x Arbor Elf
4 x Nissa's Chosen
3 x Wildheart Invoker (have one already)
4 x Might of the Masses
4 x Fog (it's a running gag with my friends, so it was necessary)
2 x Asceticism
4 x Pelakka Wurm
4 x Engulfing Slagwurm

So, there's a new deck-to-be. Basically, mana ramp (once I get me some Joraga Treespeakers!) into huge things and smash. Also, swarms of elves. Also, Ezuri, Renegade Leader from Scars if absolutely necessary, to make said swarm more powerful and Trampling. Yay.

So, once those cards arrive, I'll puzzle over assembling them into a deck. It'll be fun to play, I think, since it's pretty much just quiet turtling until it gets big nasties out and crushes the enemies beneath them like roaches.

All this, for ~$12. I call it a win.

So: what am I missing for an Elf deck? I want Wellwishers and Archdruids and Fauna Shaman, but they're pricier than I like. Budget decks are my thing. Heh. If there's anything that costs, like, a quarter, that would make this better, lemme know.

Until next time, good gaming.
~The Planeswalker


  1. Wow... you can get a damn effective deck for just 12 dollars?

  2. I am lost not sure what you are playing

  3. Magic the Gathering, sillies. Just for that, the game.

  4. The elf deck I run right now only cost 1x Jace 2.0. Taking it to states this weekend. Includes Nissa, Garruk, Monument, Genesis Wave. Good luck. :)

  5. Never really got into this, but it looks like you thought this out well.

  6. lol... at first i thought i was reading plans to build a deck onto a house.